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Cake Shelf Life

Our cakes are quality hand-made wholesale cakes, traybakes and flapjacks - baked to order with fresh natural ingredients. The following provides a guide to the shelf life of our cakes. Unless otherwise stated on the packaging, most products can be stored at cool room temperature.


Product Shelf Life
Golden Sticky Flapjack40
Traditional Flapjack40
Muesli Flapjack40
Cherry Flapjack40
Double Chocolate Flapjack40
Honey and Red Berry Flapjack40
Cranberry Yoghurt Sandwich21


Product Shelf Life
Caramel Shortcake (Millionaires)40
Cream Caramel Shortcake40
Coffee & Cream Shortcake40
Strawberry Shortcake40
Peppermint Bars40
Toffee Pecan Squares30
Lantern Cake (Tiffin or refrigerator cake)21
Apricot Slice30
Date Slice30
Oat and Almond Tart16
Rich Butter Shortbread28
Chocolate Chip Shortbread28
Yoghurt Peanut and Raisin Squares40
Dark Chocolate Peanut and Raisin Squares40
Paradise Bars21
Chocolate Cornflake Cake21
Chocolate Truffle Brownie14
Rocky Road28
Lemon Bars40
Almond Cherry Shortbread5
Granola Bars40
Apple and Cinnamon Slice24
Lemon and Coconut Bars18


Product Shelf Life
Carrot Cake14
Iced Manhatten Brownie14
Lemon Syrup Cake14
Country Fruit Cake16
PoppySeed & Orange Cake14
Milk Chocolate Cake12
Apricot Frangipan10
Treacle Frangipan10
Date & Walnut Cake12
Banana Cake14
Gingercrush Ginger Cake28
Bakewell Frangipan10
Sticky Toffee Cake with Salted Caramel Icing14
Gluten-free Lemon Drizzle10
Gluten-free Chocolate Drizzle10
Gluten-free Mocha Drizzle10
Gluten-free Vanilla Sponge12
Vanilla Sandwich Cake12

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